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Dear Members:

A very warm welcome to the Anglo Paraguayan Society.

The strength and vitality that Society today enjoys due in no small part to the many important contributions made by each of its members. benefits greatly from the dedication and philanthropic approach that each of you brings to your work and the Society.

I want to thank you all for your overwhelming votes, personal encouragement, messages sent and support at the Annual General Meeting that lead to my election as your new President.

I reiterate the importance of providing that is conducive to carrying out the Society’s mission.

As your newly elected President, I take interest in the well-being of everyone in its community. The policies, benefits, and services described in the society’s aims reflect that concern.

I want to thank you to keep your support as continuing and available to our Society for mutual growth and development.

I hope you will derive much satisfaction and knowing the vital contribution that you make to the success of our Society. For members, this means the administration, as well as benefit and cultural programs that are competitive, fair, and understandable. The benefits and services it describes reflect a concern not only for the well-being but also for the personal growth and professional development of all members of the Anglo Paraguayan Society.

I would like to convey my best wishes for while as President elected at the Anglo Paraguayan Society.


Maria Mazacote de Smih


The Anglo Paraguayan Society Council

Vistas parciales de la Fiesta de Navidad 2013

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Hasta el presente momento los comentarios acerca de la fiesta de Navidad nos dan indicios y coraje para que sigamos adelante con nuestros proyectos, pero necesitamos de la ayuda de nuestros conciudadanos Paraguayos.

Unanse a la Sociedad. 

"Uno por Todos y Todos por Uno "

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Hagase miembro £ 5.00 Anual

                                              £10.00 para Familia

Algunas fotos de la fiesta de Navidad 2013, cedidas gentilmente por Sr. Sergio (Gracias)

at the last AGM held on 22 September 2013 at the "Dance Studio" Aspenlea Road, London, W6 8LH, and in accordance with the agenda/rules of new President and a new Honorary secretary were elected.

Nuno A.R. Vinhas Cert.Ed.QTLS

Honorary Secretary: Maria Mazacote

The Honorary of the Society is H.E. the Paraguayan Ambassador for the time being, and the Honorary Vice-President is Prof. Juan Monroy.

All matters concerning the Anglo Paraguayan Society will be directed to Maria Mazacote appointed as

Highlights of our Society:

Independence Fiesta: Celebrated on Saturday 21 of May 2016.

Brillante actuación de "Grupo Eirete" y " Duo Añoranza"

Feria de ALAF October 2015

Mostrando Artesania y Gastronomia Paraguaya 

Q'MBIA-JUAN -Evento-Octubre 2015. Grupo Paraguayo (Cumbia, Bachata, Reggaeton) at Latin Groove Club 

Fiesta de Navidad -Deciembre 2013. 

La fiesta tuvo artistas invitados en especial "Heather Wrighton, Luis Caballero y

Alberto Pino.  

El Prf. Juan Monroy acceptó la invitación de desenpeñar el cargo de Vice-Presidente Honorário y así colaborar con nuestra sociedad. 

Aprobación unanime por el comité dia 9 de Junio.

The launch of the Society's website 10th of May 2013. Hasta la presente fecha tuvimos 230 570 visitantes. Un promedio de 400 visitantes semanales. 

Independence Fiesta, Saturday 18th of May 2013.

Fiesta de la Independencia 2013

This annual event, which has run approximately 45 years, is very much in line with Paraguayan values, culture and core ethic. The of the event this year was the special courtesy appearance of:

" Talentos Group London"  and

"Grupo Eirete"  followed by the ministry of music DJ

Nuestra és y Muchas gracias

In our ceases, and we have our active committee members really go out to extremes, to please our members. See what the busy camera captured: That's how we start our day. What an example!!!

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