Dear Members:

A very warm welcome to the Anglo Paraguayan Society.

The strength and vitality that Anglo Paraguayan Society today enjoys is due in no small part to the many important contributions made by each of its members. The Society benefits greatly from the dedication and philanthropic approach that each of you brings to your work and the Society.

I want to thank you all for your overwhelming votes, personal encouragement, messages sent and support at the Annual General Meeting that lead to my election as your new President.

I reiterate the importance of providing professional leadership environment that is conducive to carrying out the Society’s mission.

As your newly elected President, I take special interest in the well-being of everyone in its community. The policies, benefits, and services described in the society’s aims reflect that concern.

Equally I want to thank you to keep your support as continuing and available to our Society for mutual growth and professional development.

I hope you will derive much satisfaction and personal fulfilment in knowing the vital contribution that you make to the success of our Society. For members, this means the administration, as well as benefit and cultural programs that take place are competitive, fair, and understandable. The benefits and services it describes reflect a concern not only for the well-being but also for the personal growth and professional development of all members of the Anglo Paraguayan Society.

I would like to convey my best wishes for fulfilment while as President elected at the Anglo Paraguayan Society.


Nuno A.R. Vinhas


Dear Members

I am pleased to invite you to our AGM which will take place in May 2015 (Dates will be available next week).

In accordance with the statuary rules we give you notice for the 2015 AGM and information on the committee standing for election or co-opted members together with the Annual report of accounts.

The AGM is your opportunity to meet and speak to our committee, and ask questions. The APS needs your support.

Estimados Miembros

Nos es grato invitarles y informarles de nuesta Reunion Anual General que tendra lugar en Mayo (la fecha se publicara oportunamente). De acuerdo con las reglas del estatuto más informamos de posibilidad de nombrar nuevos miembros parta el Comité y presentar nuestro reporte annual.

La reunión Anual será una oportunidad the entablar dialogo con los miembros del Comité, y hacer sus preguntas.

Contamos con vuestro apoyo.

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