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Diciembre de 2014- Publicado en el diario 

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Nuestra secretaria Maria de Smith cuando de su visita a Lambare. The visit to Lambare and the Parish Priest (Angel)- Lambare

The donations amounted to the total of:

13.102.828,00 Guaranies = £1850.00

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20 de Febrero 2014-Paraguay

Nuestro miembro del comité nos mando una foto y el agradecimiento de la escuela en Ypané donde dimos nuestro aporte con:

Dicionarios, cuadernos y lápices de color. 

Dirección: Teniente Américo Picco con Rio Aquidabán - Villa Elisa

( Frente a Cementerio Parque Serenidad y a 300 metros de Petropar )

RUC: 80060108-4

Personeria Jurídica: 3985-2010 - Asociación Hogar Jardín de Esperanza


These were taken earlier at a school that caters for the children

of mainly Indigenous Indians that have drifted in from the wilder parts of Paraguay.

Most are from families living on and from the various surrounding municipal rubbish

dumps. The head teacher Don Mario....the big guy at the back of the group photo is

excellent. Many of the children don't speak Spanish but one of various native dialects. Mario seems to communicate well with them all.

The government gives very little support and teachers often go months without pay.

I unfortunately hit upon meal time.....you see some of the girls carrying soup....made

in a huge pot on a small gas ring in Mario's tiny office.....to the classrooms where meals are take. The food is donated by shops/stores/churches locally. ....so we had a group photo of St G's donations and left......leaving a lot more clothes for Mario to distribute later. I don't normally leave things for others to distribute but Mario is reasonably honest. Also tennis balls and boxes of Barclay's biros.

These people are really at the bottom of life's pile. Their and my thanks to you for pitching in to help.......

Best wishes Graham