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We are now looking at our esteemed friends and members to come forward and participate in sending us photos, news, social announcements and everything that is of community interest. We call for those who are in Ireland, Scotland Wales and in Paraguay.

Are you studying, researching or visiting Paraguay?

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Ruben Dominguez

We welcome

Daniela and Peter Jones newly welcomed members

Romy Martinez

Guillermo Arevalos Vigo and Simone Kruger

Guillermo is now playing with the Youth Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Simone Kruger is Senior Lecturer in Sociology (Music) at Liverpool John Moores   

Breaking News

Algo nuevo en la musica Paraguaya, con ejecutante Paraguayo - Juan Duarte. Escuchen ..

Orgullo de la belleza Paraguaya visto en todo el mundo (2011)

Posted on by Nuno Vinhas

The Anglo Paraguayan Society is dedicated to celebrating and promoting Anglo in all its forms.

Since the formation of the APS we have had the privilege of many artists: Paraguayan, Spanish, English and other nationalities who have performed in our events for which they did not any fees. For this noble and philanthropic actions, we are forever grateful for such support and welcome all artists to participate in our future events.

Luis Alberto del Parana, Reynaldo Meza, Arsenio Jara, Villamayor, Adrian Barreto, Fausto Franco, Francisco Iglesias, Alberto Pino, Heather Wrighton,

Tiago Gomes

Tony Vinhas (Nuno), Luis Caballero, Rosemary Alliende (Trio Los Rancheros). Este grupo apoyo durante 15 años en casi todas las fiestas de la sociedad.

Bill Morgan, Luis Gonzalez Alen, Gloria Codling, Grupo de danza Eirete,

Grupo de Danza De: Bolivia, Peru, Colombia (Talentos) y Brazil. Duo Añoranza.

Andrew Nickson, Simone Krugger.